Print Release by Jamie Reid  
Print Release by Jamie Reid
9 July 2014

Paul Stolper is pleased to announce the launch of 'Shamanarchy' by Jamie Reid

In 1994 the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act was introduced to widespread protest. Although containing some reasoned amendments to existing law, certain areas, notably those affecting the rights of rave and traveller communities, brought protest to the streets of London. Author of the award winning book 'England's Dreaming', Jon Savage remarks that it is 'about politicians making laws on the basis of judging people's lifestyles, and that's no way to make laws'. As part of the campaign to have the Bill amended, the notorious and iconoclastic artist Jamie Reid (b. 1947) was asked to provide artwork for the music compilation Evolution: Shamanarchy In The UK. The print features a number of tropes and glyphs that appear in much of Reid's work such as Boudicca on her chariot, the OVA and it’s positivist spin on the enclosed Anarchy A and it’s reference to the Druid movement.

Reid's recent work in support of the Occupy movement, the Free Pussy Riot campaign and now the anti-fracking movement has built on a reputation strengthened in the 90’s with his allegiance to the Reclaim The Streets and Anti-Criminal Justice Bill campaigns. Signed, numbered and titled, and featuring unique hand painting under a photopolymer plate print on 300gsm Somerset Satin, Jamie Reid’s 'Shamanarchy In The UK' is Published by Paul Stolper Gallery and is available in an edition of 50. Each is 42.3 x 30 cm.

Each copy is unique and will be assigned to collectors according to the next edition number available. Shamanarchy In The UK was printed at London Print Studio on the occasion of the exhibition Time For Magic: Jamie Reid, Isis Gallery at Regency Town House, Brighton June 21st - July 6th 2014.