Magne Furuholmen
New work commissioned by Dovecot Studios

Following an introduction from Paul Stolper, Dovecot Studios are delighted to be working with Norwegian artist Magne Furuholmen on an exciting new collaboration in tapestry.

Dovecot invited Furuholmen to the Studios in early 2013 to consider a tapestry project and following a series of conversations with Dovecot’s weaving team, he returned to the studios in late April 2014 with a selection of design ideas derived from a series of ten large format woodcut prints collectively known as Norwegian Wood. Furuholmen has created a new print titled Glass Onion, specifically as a design for the tapestry, using music as its main reference point. Dovecot are particularly thrilled by this project as Furuholmen’s holistic approach to his practice as an artist – continually assessing his modus operandi and experimenting with various media – will ensure that his involvement in the creation of Glass Onion will be rewarding for all those who are involved in the process. The Glass Onion tapestry will be woven at Dovecot under the supervision of Master Weaver Naomi Robertson. This process will begin in June 2014 and continue throughout the Edinburgh Art Festival to be completed before embarking on a tour in late September. Three of Furuholmen’s Glass Onion woodblock prints will be displayed as part of Dovecot’s summer exhibition Current Exchanges: Dovecot and the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and viewers will be able to watch the weavers work on the tapestry from the Balcony. A major exhibition of Magne Furuholmen’s work is scheduled at Dovecot for early 2015.

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