The BP Portrait Award 2015  
The BP Portrait Award 2015
Grace O'Connor

The BP Portrait Award

18 June  –  20 September 2015

National Portrait Gallery, London


Paul Stolper Gallery is proud to annouce that the painting 'My mother, my sister' by Grace O'Connor has been selected for the upcoming BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

This is the accompanying catalogue statement: 

My mother has Parkinsons and as a result of this debilitating illness, she requires assistance in every aspect of her life. I chose to paint this scene of my sister, Deirdre, showering my mother because it shows the love, care and self sacrifice which encompasses caring for an elderly parent. I found that bathing my mother was so deeply personal and it was,at first, a difficult thing to do. My mother raised seven children and her care has become the duty of two of my sisters and my father. I wanted this painting to be a tribute to the courage of my mother and my sister.