Sarah Hardacre Chastity Thieves © Paul Stolper Gallery  
Beautifully Obscene

Beautifully Obscene: The History of the Erotic Print featuring work by Sarah Hardacre

5 May – 12 June

Studio 3 Gallery, School of Arts, on the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus.

9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Featuring over 50 works from across Europe and Japan, and spanning the course of 500 years, the exhibition showcases the different approaches used by artists in order to explore themes of sexuality, gender roles and power. The show explores Sir Kenneth Clark’s famous distinction between the socially-acceptable ‘nude’, and the socially-pejorative ‘naked’ body, with the majority of the works included arguably belonging to the latter category. Beautifully Obscene will not only present viewers with a comprehensive study of the aesthetics of the human form and sexuality, but will also challenge our deeply ingrained discomfort with erotic visual representations, and suggest that beauty can in fact be found in the obscene.